Management control

Management control is an important future-oriented economic duty which completely exists regardless of the size of the company.


Goals are to be set and measures are to be compiled, because at last all resources should be used gainful!


Since as in the seafaring it is a matter

  • of fixing the port of destination,
  • of marking out the course,
  • of bunkering the necessary resources and of getting aboard,
  • to keep constantly an eye on the course and on the differences of the course,
  • to value external and internal changes (e.g., swell, wind direction and wind force),

if necessary to change the course or even the aim harbour!


In business economic instruments like

  • plan/actual analysis,
  • profitability and liquidity planning,
  • profit center calculation,
  • divergency of plans and reality are used.

Would like you to put your course anew, in reacting to wind changes? We gladly assist you.