Corporate planning

The more complicated the environment and with it the duties become, the less a company can pass on planning systems and control systems. Because of that the possible effects are made easy to grasp and the success in future if recogizable.


So it is posible to operate as planned and you need not to act under pressure.


Within the scope of the strategical planning it is about the long-term enterprise aims, for example

  • the definition of the enterprise purpose towards customers, investors, employees etc.,
  • business objectives and mission statement, personnel management and enterprise values,
  • to protect the enterprise on the long run in harmony with environment and society.

By the operative planning it is about the conversion of the strategical default in the business years. Around the achievement of results like profit, yield, liquidity.


I support you with your short-, medium- and long-term business planning and their conversion by measures like

  • the choice and the practicability of the objectives,
  • analysis of problems and their causes and their solutions,
  • ascertainment and structuralisation of alternatives,
  • resource allocation and competence definition.