Coaching is an individual, customized and temporary consulting instrument. And it is used for the development of the indiviual competence, to act in a personal and professional area.


Therefor your

  • knowledge (kognitive level),
  • your capability (level of experience),
  • your motivation (level of motivation)
  • and ability (level of the identification and configuration of the frame conditions)

will be considered.


Thatway the coach navigates you towards goal. He helps you to reach it by using your own ressources. During the coaching-process he assumes the role of an external confidant.


He gives his best attention, appreciation and authenticity and offers his expierience to you. As a sparring partner he reflects your evolution and plans and also plans your personal capabilities and limits with you.


Your benefit is to get an extensive feedback in a free and clear manner. And your characteristic behavior can be reflected without restrictions. You will be supported to reach your goals. And your ressources will be activated.


In combination with a change of your behaviour or a systematic variation of your environment, you will be supported, to reach your goals with more success than ever before.