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About the combination of business and music

In many cases music and art offers ideas on new marketing concepts.


The famous „Mozartkugeln“ and the cooperation of companies like VW and bands like Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones, have shown by special car editions their practical examples for the combination of business and music.


Another interesting context is offered by the representation of music and economic cycles in waveform.


For example the Kondratiev waves. They exist since the 18th century in the ecoomical sence. The first Kondratiev wave was determined by the steam-engine and the clothing industrie as well as the actual sixth one by the holistic health system (Source: www.kondratieff.net/kondratieffzyklen). Besides to it the music undergoes different cycles of the evolution of sound, production and duplicating.


Therefore artistic inspirations by different artists and recommendations of musicians, bands are shown in the gallery. They are all non-binding. All images are displayed with the kind permission of the artists. We can provide you a contact to each of them with pleasure.


Gallery 1: Pictures of Wilhelm Busch

Gallery 2: Pictures of Uta Jonischeit

Gallery 3: Pictures of Nathalie Lauro

Gallery 4: Pictures of Sabine Minten

Gallery 5: Music recommendations


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